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The Broker of Record helps real estate agents, mortgage brokers and real estate companies to be fully compliant with real estate regulations and provides with full array of services to ensure both savings and superior service one can expect from a real estate broker.

The Broker of Record Services

What exactly licensed broker of record can do for you? If you are in a real estate business you know that every real estate company or an agent or a mortgage service has to operate under a licensed real estate broker. Many real estate professionals want to run their business independently and to be compliant with real estate requirements they contract an experienced broker to ensure the accuracy of the paperwork, smooth transaction processing, help with possible legal real estate issues and many other realty related services. This is where a Broker of Record comes in and takes care of broker’s related responsibilities as it would an in-hose broker. There are multiple benefits of working with Broker of Record California but first we would like to present the array of services we offer. These fall into four following categories:

Real Estate Transaction and Coordination Management Services

Mortgage and Loan Processing Services and Assistance

Issue Resolution and Real Estate Legal Issue Support

Escrow Services

Our expertise helps real estate professionals to operate their business effectively and cut down time spent on paperwork and compliance documentation while concentrating on real estate sales.

Real Estate Transaction and Coordination Management

  • The Broker of Record guides you through every step of real estate transaction and helps to quickly resolve all the tedious tasks such as missing or incorrectly filled out documents.
  • We ensure that all real estate transaction steps are completed expediently and help you to avoid any delays ensuring that you to receive that commission check fast.
  • We provide you will all necessary documents and forms as well as instructions how to use them. We make it easy for you, even if you are an agent working on your first deal you will find our instructions easy to understand and you are welcome to contact with any questions you may have
  • Broker support – we offer comprehensive broker support services, you are welcome to send us an email or call us or watch our online training videos. You can contact us 24/7 and you always will receive a knowledgeable answer and support.
  • We offer online training to real estate companies, agents and mortgage brokers. Real estate online training involves expert knowledge base on topics such as sales, transaction processing, business and real estate marketing.

Mortgage and Loan Processing Services

Our mortgage services help lending professionals and real estate companies

to assist their clients with wide range of landing services and stay fully compliant! We strive and prosper on quality of our clients’ support and commitment to excellency. We help independent small lenders to promote their services and gain greater number of clients.

Business with MLO or MLS status

Established and Start Up Mortgage Corporations and Sole Proprietorships

Independent Loan Processors

Individual Loan Officers

The Broker of Record California offers following funding services:

Through us you will get an official MLO and NMLS status – The Broker of Record makes it possible.

Loan Officer licensing by NMLS & DRE

Real Estate Loans and Mortgages

NMLS Compliance Assistance. As you are aware NMLS certification is now required for mortgage loans origination and we will provide you with:

MU1 or Corporate License Filing

Compliance Review of New MLS laws and regulatory changes

Provide with Consultation regarding Mortgage Loans Origination Process

Consult on Marketing and Sales of Lending Services

We help you to grow your lending business and stay compliant while offering a low fee schedule.

Real Estate Legal Issue Resolution and Support

We can help you to solve some of the most complex real estate business situations finding the most suitable outcome while employing a wide spectrum of strategies. In real estate an expert advice and guidance could not only protect you from unexpected legal consequences but also result in a positive financial impact.

Escrow Services

We offer fast, effective and convenient escrow service options that help you in turn to better accommodate your clients. We provide you with online escrow management options as well as training and support. Using an online escrow system helps to save time and get the job done right. We at The Broker of Record understand that convenience of escrow services helps to bring the client and the realtor closer and make the transaction happen faster.

You establish an additional revenue stream by assigning your own escrow fees.

You save time and money to real estate transaction processing.

You improve your workflow.

You don’t have to wait for Payoff Demand Statements, Estimates, Amendments, and even your checks. All these can be instantly retrieved through Online Escrow Services.

The system has built in automated adjustments, all the documents are available online, it offers full control of the process and modifications, etc.

About Our Company

The Broker of Record provides with above mentioned services real estate professionals across the state of California. We are a very well organized Company and we continuously assist agents and real estate companies with highest quality support and expert advice.

The Principal and the Owner of the Company, David Albanese is a licensed real estate broker and has been in real estate for over 8years. David is currently studying law and has been actively involved in real estate business helping realtors with traditional broker services as well as marketing and real estate sales.

We help real estate professionals in these areas:

We act as Short Sale Negotiator

We provide with Transaction Coordination Services

We act as Escrow Processor

We offer Legal Support

We provide with full Real Estate Broker support

We assist in Real Estate Marketing

We act as Training Coordinator

We have adopted most effective technologies and business principles that help our efficiency in both, daily operations and continuous self-improvement. We follow a simple philosophy: Proper Compliance > Automation of Repetitive Tasks > Time Management > Emphasis on Marketing and Asset Building > Profitability Increase > Growth.

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