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100% Commission payable to all real estate agents is a straight-forward policy at The Broker of Record.

Full commission splits have become widely advertised by California real estate brokers as well as nationwide but what makes this even a better offer, we pay directly from the escrow which allows you to get your commissions check faster.

We do not charge any additional recurring broker fees – a simple policy that takes any additional expense from the agent’s pocket once they join The Broker of Record. Besides, we provide our agents with access to document library, transaction coordination services, full broker support, marketing and sales training and many more benefits. You only pay $635 per transaction. This includes broker transaction processing fee of $500 and $135 risk coordination fees.

Why Do Real Estate Brokers Offer 100% Commission Splits?

The simple answer would be – to enroll more agents. But there is more to this matter. Smaller brokers realized that in the slow market environment commission splits not only highly unattractive to agents because they barely can make a living with high commission splits but also, it diminishes agents productivity. Why smaller brokers realized this first, why large national companies started adopting similar policies later? It has been known that small businesses adapt to a changing environment faster than large companies because the principals of small business actually involved in daily operations where CEOs of large companies are more concerned with catering shareholders’ interests.

Therefore, smaller real estate brokers started providing agents with additional incentives which would allow both, increase their enrollment numbers and make their agents more productive. It is very well known that agent who makes good money also excels in sales. The Broker of Record business model is based on the analysis of the current market conditions as well as adaptation of most successful proven practices applicable in these conditions. Having said that, it is our commitment to keep 100% real estate commission policy unchanged, even if real estate market will experience a sudden major boom tomorrow.

Full Commissions Are Only A Part Of The Package

100% Commission formula has become very popular but is it all that an agent should expect for his/her broker? Of course there is much more; there is quality broker support, realty tools, marketing, documentation, lending services, etc. If you are a real estate agent we strongly encourage you to consider not only how much commissions you are going to get but also what type of support you are getting.

We aim at the highest standards of broker support and to be blunt it is our goal to elevate the existing standards. As a real estate professional this is something you want from your broker because it also allows you to be on the cutting edge of real estate business.

Promoting Someone’s Brand Name While Making Less or Promoting Your Brand and Making More Money – You Decide

This is something that many agents think about when faced with a choice between large national realtor and smaller realtor office. Let’s look closely at the importance of the realty brand name recognition in home sales. If you are selling cars of course the brand name matters. People who are looking for an inexpensive small car will be thinking Dodge or Honda or something like that and not Audi or BMW. When people are buying a house they think about the house and there is no house that is defined by the real estate company’s brand. There is no direct connection between the house and the real estate agent’s company. How about quality of realty services? Could a brand name help you to build a reputation as real estate agent? What we about to state could be harsh words for some but it is true in real estate and it is true in all sales related fields. People are sizing up you, how credible and knowledgeable you are. How willing you are to help them and if need be to go the extra mile to get things done. If you can keep your client’s attention on yourself and your services you hardly need any crutches to win their confidence.

Of course, large real estate companies will tell you otherwise because in essence they are selling

their brand to you because you will end up paying for it through reduced commissions and extra fees. What really happens is that you unwillingly becoming their brand pusher while your income is being substantially reduced. Why good agents get 100% commissions while working for large brokers? Because good agents can walk off at any time and sell successfully for the competition, that’s why. So may be brand name is not what makes a good real estate agent. What helps to be a good salesman is confidence and confidence is directly tied to your income. The more you make the more confident sales professional you will become. What you should look for in your broker is integrity. Can you state with confidence that level of integrity is proportional to the size of the real estate company? Before you answer, let us say these words, “Freddie Mac” and “Fannie May”.

100% Real Estate Commission for All Agents Is Not A Gimmick But A Viable Business Formula

We believe that everyone can enjoy 100% commissions. There is no reason to “pay your dues” at the beginning because you are a new agent and you require some extra attention. We are happy to invest in your training and education very well knowing that the more money you make the faster your career and your transaction pipeline will accelerate.

We consider 100% Commission in real estate a smart policy that allows leveraging difficulties associated with current market as well as providing with agents with a better earnings potential and acceleration of their careers. We are 100% behind it (pun intended).

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