Broker of Record Services and Benefits

Traditionally, in real estate the term “Broker of Record” defines a designated broker to handle and oversee real estate office operations and provide with an umbrella of compliance.


With The Broker of Record you will get all that and much, much more. We are setting a new standard in the quality and the array of services and support one can expect from a real estate broker of record.

What Broker Of Record Can Do For Realtors In Today’s Market

We look at real estate office operations from a pure business perspective and we see that in the current environment of reduced profits and slow real estate market activity there has to be a better way of running the business. Therefore all of our efforts and services are aimed to help our clients and our agents to reduce their overhead and time. Efficiency of real estate operations is the only way to succeed in today’s market and position your business for growth.

Since we live in uncertain times where economic prognosis doesn’t allow us to be overly optimistic about the future, both near and distant, we have to face the fact that hope for a better tomorrow is not the best business planning for today’s realtor.


We believe that outsourcing of ongoing repetitive associated with real estate office management and real estate transaction processing can offer substantial reduction of operational cost. We also believe that today’s broker or record standards have to embrace new technologies which help to eliminate redundant tasks, paperwork, reduce transaction processing time and the time spent by the office staff to process them.

Achieving Maximum Efficiency While Reducing Overhead Through Outsourcing Broker of Record Services

There are a couple of ways to address reduction of overhead and maximizing efficiency of operations in real estate office. You can do it yourself or you can outsource all the necessary tools and support from an outside party.

The way we see it, to develop an array of custom software tools and successfully implement them is a time consuming process and it requires a substantial investment on the behalf of a realtor. Outsourcing provides you with almost an instant integration of the support, tools and expert help. It also saves money and eliminates costly mistakes which are commonly associated with business re-engineering.


Working with The Broker of Record California will help you quickly re-shaping your infrastructure and concentrate on the growth of your real estate office operations rather than of managing it from the stand point of daily operations and compliance. Not only we take care of your day-to-day business activities, we also guide you in the right direction in areas of marketing and promotions.

Customized Services

Our services are scalable; you always can pick and choose what will compliment you real estate business most and you have access to our vast knowledge base were you can discover new innovative techniques in areas of office management, compliance, documentation, marketing, sales and other important real estate topics.


The very simple example of outsourcing that is done by every real estate office without thinking twice is picking the right telephone system. You wouldn’t build it yourself, right? You simply tell the system providers what you want and you probably would check what else they can offer and decide what would complement your business environment most.


Our broker of record services work in a similar matter, we can help you analyze your business needs and find the areas where you can cut down your costs and increase you profitability. And yes, we know real estate business well.

Real Estate Business Evolution

We firmly believe that today every broker, lending professional and every real estate agent has to dedicate a maximum amount of time to marketing. If a majority of time is spent on handling your internal business operations, you are losing money.

You can conduct a litmus test on your operations efficiency. We encourage you to time and analyze your and your staff’s weekly activities and if you can say with certainty that you have spent at least 50% of your work time on marketing, you are on the right track. Everything less means that you have major areas of improvement. It also means that it’s time to look at your overhead.

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