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Broker of Record California acts as online mortgage broker; we accommodate borrowers, real estate companies, real estate agents and mortgage companies with a full array of mortgage and lending services. To serve our clients best we also provide with online escrow services which help both, consumers and realtors to effectively complete real estate transactions.

The Definition of Online Mortgage Broker

Firstly, mortgage brokers are licensed professionals whose primary goal is to match a lender and a borrower. Lenders have different programs for different type of borrowers. That means that borrower’s financial profile and his needs will determine the conditions of a loan or mortgage from a particular lender. Mortgage broker examines client’s financials as well as his goals and finds the most suitable lender.


Online Mortgage Broker makes his services available through the online communication channels and Broker of Record California does exactly that.

Our Online Mortgage Broker Services

Our online mortgage services are available throughout the entire state of California and we extend our expertise to both, borrowers and lenders. Amongst many benefits of doing business with Broker of Record California we would like to list a few here:


With us you are guaranteed expedient loan application processing. No delays or uncertainties; we have established streamlined process that allows us to get a loan wrapped up fast.


We provide most competitive rates. This is not just another standard advertising gimmick; we work hard to make sure that we match the lender and the borrower while preserving borrower’s interests.


FHA/VA, Conventional and Hard Money Loans – Yes we’ve got that.


We provide with all kinds of Purchase and Refinancing Funding on residential real estate. We work with local and nationwide lenders; this allows us to pick the most suitable customized packages.


High Integrity and Professionalism – with Broker of Record California you are guaranteed that each and every step of financing is done right, promptly and preservers your goals.

Online Mortgage Broker Services for Real Estate Professionals

Every agent knows how important to check buyer’s financial qualifications prior to engaging in assisting in property search and selection. We are able to provide with a fast buyer’s financial status pre-screening and evaluation. Take advantage of this offer and save yourself time and effort because let’s face it if your prospect is not qualified, no transaction will take place.

We offer fast, 24hour pre-approval service. No more long waits to see if your prospect is qualified for a particular property. Let us do the hard work and give you results fast. We provide with Loan Origination Program and In house 24-48hour underwriting. This again will help you to expedite all the activities associated with lending and approval.

By working with Broker of Record California you are assured that all of your financing is done right, promptly and will keep your clients happy. This encourages people to send you more referrals and who are also will be happy with the services you provide. This is an important factor in building a solid transaction pipeline because the truth is many clients are happy with the efforts of their agents but only a few are happy with results of their financing. What if you can bridge that gap and keep your clients happier? This will help you to stand out as an agent above the crowd.

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